Ut Laetificet Cor

The Name

Across the road and below the southern most wall of the ancient city enclosure, the marcite, or marshes, line the lush valley at the mountains base.


Once a barren public wasteland, monks brought modern irrigation methods to the area nearly 600 years ago so that local farmers could grow their crops. The Marcite still stand as a witness to the collaboration of church and town, once a staple of society, which provided water and farming techniques to their neighbors, religious and non religious alike.


Following in the footsteps of our monastic ancestors, we sought to reinforce this ancient method of collaboration. In gratitude to the town’s patron, St Benedict and to the town’s inhabitants who so graciously welcomed us in the year 2000 when we returned to the ancient monastery at his birthplace, we have named our beer Nursia.


Additionally, the city of Norcia is known throughout the world for its outstanding culinary and gastronomic specialties. If, therefore, the name of Norcia is a guarantee as regards the quality of a product, we hope to strengthen this great culinary tradition, adding to the already established products of high local quality a beverage that can accompany rich and savory meats, as well as fresh or aged cheeses.

Ut laetificet Cor