Style & Flavor

Among the various kinds of monastic beers, we judged that those coming from the Belgian monastic tradition would best complement Norcia’s style and atmosphere.  After having studied and adapted traditional recipes, we have developed two kinds of beer: a blond beer that is light and buoyant, suitable as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to appetizers and first courses; and an extra, which, due to its deep and rich flavor, is excellent enjoyed on its own or coupled with rich substantial first courses as well as meat dishes representative of local nursina cuisine such as wild boar and lamb.


One will notice that the labels on the bottles do not provide a particular description of the beers.  This has not happened by chance, but was a deliberate choice in order to avoid influencing the taste and judgment of the consumer.  We judge neither beer to be inferior to the other, but rather hold that each is a unique expression of a single product of the highest quality.  The taste of an artisanal beer can vary slightly from one season to another.  Moreover the climate, the particular dishes with which it is coupled, and the company with which it is enjoyed are all circumstances that elicit new and distinct nuances in the taste of the beer.