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Birra Nursia is brewed exclusively by monks with the water of the Sibylline mountains in the valley of Norcia, birthplace of St. Benedict.

Norcia is known throughout the world for its outstanding culinary and gastronomic specialties. We have complemented this great culinary tradition by adding to the high quality regional foods a beverage that can accompany rich and savory meats, as well as fresh or aged cheeses.


All revenue the monastery produces is used to support the work of prayer and evangelical witness at the monastery in Norcia. Naturally, this includes offering warm hospitality to pilgrims and the poor, who are assured of being welcomed at the monks’ door.


The destruction wrought to St. Benedict’s hometown following the 2016 earthquakes has made urgent the task of building and preserving a space in Norcia for those seeking God, monks and pilgrims alike. Every purchase of Birra Nursia helps ensure that the monks will have a place to sing the centuries-old Latin chants, to build up their brewing industry, and to call home.


All our beers are available in both .33 L and .75 L sizes.

.75 L bottles are available in cases of 6 and .33 L bottles are available in cases of 12.



  • By Elisabetta Povoledo The New York Times NORCIA, Italy — The Rev. Cassian Folsom was preparing to celebrate morning Mass one recent Sunday when suddenly the earth started trembling. “Stones and roof tiles started raining down on our heads,” he recalled. “It was a terrifying......

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  • This week, the first major shipment of Birra Nursia left the walls of the monastery and of Norcia and began its long journey to the United States. If you have already placed an order for Birra Nursia, your beer is on its way. Imagine the......

Birra Nursia logo

“Ut Laetificet Cor”


We invite you to consider joining the Brewmonks’ Club to more closely connect with the life of the monastery and invest in the brewery’s future.


Get beer monthly by subscribing today!

Subscription options include:

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1 case every month.
(12 bottles)

6 pack every month.

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A free case of our new signature glass beer goblets and bottle openers.

Pre-orders receive priority over others.

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Bring our signature monastic beer to your door!


The earthquakes have brought about necessary changes to many aspects of life in Norcia, including the monks’ beer sales. The monks are committed to keeping the beer on the market, but supplies will be limited. Birra Nursia can be purchased directly from the monks on the monastery premises on Saturday mornings.

Birra Nursia Opening Hours: Saturday 9am-12:30pm


In an age of increasing popularity among farm-to-table restaurants and products, where “food traceability” is a sign of quality and authenticity, buying directly from the monks is a reminder not only of where the beer comes from and how it’s made, but of who it goes to support.

Come Support Us and Buy Birra Nursia Directly from the Monks!