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Holiday Wine Cellar
302 W Mission Ave
Escondido, CA 92025

Alphabet Beer Co. (ABC)
(646) 422-7103
96 Avenue C,
New York, NY 10009

A few tips to ensure your Birra Nursia experience is a ‘mountaintop’ experience:

Store Upright

Store Birria Nursia upright (not on the bottle's side) in a cool dry place or refrigerator.

Serve Chilled

Serve chilled or at 50-55 degrees F.

Pour Carefully

Hold glass at an angle while pouring beer into it.

No Shaking

Do not shake or drop bottles.

Time to Settle

Do not open immediately after rough handling or shipment to avoid gushing.


Some bottles might already be a little excited, because of the boat ride, or the train ride, or the moon. Don’t worry it's all normal…!


It is recommended that once the beer is opened it be consumed entirely in one sitting to ensure the best experience.
However, the beer can be consumed up to 2 days once opened. Be sure to re-seal opened beer prior to storing.



Blonde: 2 Years

Extra: 3 Years

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