That after the earthquake as before, hearts might be gladdened with Birra Nursia.

Norcia was struck by a series of powerful earthquakes starting Aug. 24, culminating in the destruction of our church and monastery Oct. 30. The monks, by the grace of God, were spared of any injuries and have been living for the past several weeks at their second monastery property in popup housing outside the city walls. The earthquake has caused the monks to redouble their prayers for all those affected by the earthquake.


The brewery, which was located in the basement of the now ruined monastery, was largely spared of any damage. The building itself is no longer safe to work in for the monks, but all of the brewing equipment that has made the beer you’ve all come to love will be salvaged, and, as soon as possible, transferred to a new brewing location outside the city walls. This may take a few months to find a suitable space, and therefore, brewing is suspended until an alternative brewing quarters is secured.


Thankfully, the monks have a large supply of beer already present in the United States, distributed across various locations. This means that all existing club members will be able to have their subscription fulfilled in the interval period and brewery transfer. It also means that there will be plenty of beer for new and returning customers. In short, with God’s help, there should be no break in the supply of Nursia while we monks set up our next brewery.


We want to assure you all that the same great flavor you’ve come to expect from Birra Nursia won’t be changing. We’ll continue brewing our beer with the same equipment, the same ingredients and the same Norcia water that has given our blonde and extra brews its distinctive flavor.

How can you help? Obviously, we encourage you to buy our beer by clicking on the purchase button above. If you don’t drink, you can always gift the beer to a friend or relative who does by indicating that person’s address in the shipping form.


A large portion of the proceeds goes directly to our rebuilding effort, and, as we described in our campaign initiative, 15% of those funds we are donating in charity to locals who have lost their livelihoods because of the earthquake.


If you prefer to help by giving directly to the monks, you can do so by clicking here. You can make a gift to our rebuilding project by mailing a check or giving online. If you have another idea to help that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the above categories, write to customer service at Thank you!

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