One of the Monks of Norcia making beer

Birra Nursia comes to the USA

NORCIA, ITALY — Beginning January 22 at 7am EST and following closely on the heels of the chart topping release of their Benedicta CD of Gregorian chant, the Monastery of San Benedetto is elated to announce the launch of the revised, revamped 2.0 version of

At long last and undoubtedly in answer to many American prayers, the revitalized website allows the online purchase and doorstep delivery of Birra Nursia, the monk-brewed craft beer that is made at the birthplace of the great founder of western monasticism.


A limited quantity of the beer will be available each month.


From January 21, pre-orders of Birra Nursia will be open to customers in the United States for March delivery. Friends of the Monastery of San Benedettoand lovers of specialty beer will now be able to enjoy the monks’ signature product in their own home.

Orders can be made through our American Online Store. Interested friends are invited to order today by visiting our website.

The beer is available in .75 liter bottles (wine bottle size) sold separately, in 6-packs and in cases (of 12). Pricing details are available at the American Online Store.

Because the monks spend most of their day in prayer and working around the monastery, Birra Nursia will only be able to fulfill a limited number of orders per month on a first come, first serve basis. Those who place an order that cannot be fulfilled immediately will have priority for the following month’s shipping.

Friends who make a 1-year subscription are enrolled in the Brewmonks’ Club, which is the premier way to enjoy Birra Nursia at home. By signing up, you pledge to buy a six-pack or case (of 12 bottles) every month. This means that throughout the year you will be able to enjoy Birra Nursia and be a part of the developing Birra Nursia story. Members become connoisseurs of the beer and are the brewery’s ambassadors in the United States. And, needless to say, membership has its rewards. Members:

– Are the first to have their orders fulfilled each month
– Receive a personalized membership certificate
– Receive a case of Birra Nursia specialty craft goblets upon enrollment
– Receive free bottle openers
– Receive a biannual newsletter with special monastic brewing insights

The Monks of Norcia are very proud to expand the reach of Birra Nursia. Since the brewery was founded in 2012, visitors and friends from the United States have asked the monks to find a way to sell their beer in the American market.


This tremendous opportunity allows the monks to further that which has been their aim from the beginning: to share the life, spirit and joy of monastic life in Norcia with the world.


Nota Bene: Ground shipping is carried out by FedEx and calculated at a base price, plus a small supplement for the number of bottles. This means that it is highly cost effective to buy multiple bottles. Please consider purchasing a case to dramatically save on shipping costs.

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